Green Garden
T-REX Dinosaur Logo


We are a local cannabis enthusiasts group who share the same passion in living organic horticulture. Since 2014 we provide the highest quality super soil, compost and all the others organic plant supplements and often work closely with the community with an ambition to help expand the environmental mindful cultivation culture. Proudly handcrafted in Thailand.

Winter 2014

66Zombies learnt how to grow and started cooking soil in garage.

Summer 2015

AK Mazelo gifted T-REX with thier original Dinosaur logo.

8th March 2016

Facebook Page created.

Summer 2018

T-REX x Bong Party Limited Collection 1st release.

Summer 2015

T-REX Super Soil launched.

30th October 2017

T-REX Mega Kelp (Spray) lanuched.

Summer 2018

T-REX Limited Collection 1st release.

21 April 2018

4th Thailand420 by HIGHLAND, joined as vendor.

17th May 2018

T-REX Mega Kelp "Refill" lanuched.

24th May 2018

T-REX limited munchies corn flakes 1 time release.

29th June 2018

"T-REX Bloom Booster" lanched.

31st July 2018

"Mega Kelp" microbe upgrade.

19th January 2019

Limited "Ganja" T-shirt one time release.

12th April 2019

"Mega Kelp Gallon" launched.

14th April 2019

"PATH" by Jom Jahrom & Mc Money released.

20th April 2019

Living Soil Workshop at the 5th Thailand420 by Highland.